Vertical Platform Lift

The Multilift is a Vertical Platform Lift, designed for low-rise travel indoors or out. With its durable design, the Multilift is popular for accessing decks and porches even in demanding climates.

Lehigh Valley Power StairLift Vertical Lift

The Savaria Multilift Platform Lift delivers precision movement and performance you can count on day after day. Handling up to 750 pounds this lift can carry a passenger in a wheelchair with ease. An array of safety features ensures safe operation including sensors to stop the lift if it senses an obstruction.

There are several models of the Multilift available including a mobile version, an enclosed unit and one clad in stainless steel. This Vertical Platform Lift provides smart value and simplicity and an easy way to add access for low-rise travel.

Lehigh Valley Power Stair Lifts Enclosed Vertcal Platform Lift

Savaria V-1504 from Savaria on Vimeo.

Lehigh Valley Power Stair LIfts Platform Lift

Savaria 1504 Elevator / Vertical lift

Recently, Power Stair Lifts installed a vertical lift elevator (Savaria 1504) into an old building in Easton, PA. The building was recently renovated and needed to provide ADA and wheelchair access between the floors. The best and most affordable solution for the project was to use the Savaria 1504 vertical lift elevator. This took up less space and cost much less than a traditional, commercial elevator. Space was designated within the lobby and an elevator shaft was constructed. The Savaria 1504 lift was installed. Below is a photo of the elevator shaft.

Lehigh Valley Power Stair Lifts Stainless Steel Vertical Platform Lift

Power Ramp

Outdoor residential vertical lifts for porches, decks and patios. No need to construct a bulky handicap wheelchair ramp to your front door. Power Ramps works easily with entries of one to five steps…and are designed to blend in easily with any Home exterior.

  • Thick, weather resistant, powder coated steel
  • 3 models offer adjustable range from 11’ to 33”
  • Lifts up to 750lbs.
  • Each unit comes with two (2) Remote Controls
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Unit runs on 12v battery and  maintained through a std  110v outlet
  • One (1) year warranty

Our Power Ramps are constructed of heavy weather-coated steel that can lift up to 750 pounds… It’s smooth lift raises in 8 to 15 seconds and is 31” wide to accommodate most wheelchairs. They come in 3 sizes and are adjustable to span from 1 to 5 steps. The unit can also be painted to blend with any home exterior.

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A Power Stair Lift, also known as a chair lift, stair glide or stair climber, allows you to travel effortlessly up and down your stairs. A residential stair lift can provide you or your loved one safe and comfortable access to your entire home and is a more affordable option than having to move. Power Stair Lifts can accommodate any staircase including a straight rail stairlift or custom curved stair lift.