Stair Lift Manufacturers

As an independent stair and vertical lift company, Power Stair Lifts can select and work with many lift companies. Since 2009, Power Stair Lifts chose to work with Savaria due to their high quality commercial and residential products, strong warranties, and customer service. The Savaria products are representative of the same quality installation, experience and service that Power Stair Lifts provides to the greater Lehigh Valley area. 

Savaria Stair Lifts

Savaria Corporation [TSX:SIS] has a rich history built on 30 years of industry presence. As a leader in accessibility, Savaria has built thousands of lifts and elevators used around the world to help improve access for wheelchair users and other mobility challenged people in the home and in public spaces.    

Designed and engineered by a team of dedicated Savaria employees, the company’s products are often customized to the exact needs of the project or user. Driven by a desire to provide the best service in the business, Savaria works with a large network of skilled dealers to answer every customer’s unique needs.

Savaria’s manufacturing facilities feature many automated technologies to build high quality, reliable products. This is complemented with craftsmanship for finishing products such as hardwood interiors of luxury elevators. Inspections are also done by hand to ensure that our finished products meet our high standards.