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Are you looking for an affordable way to remain safely in your home and travel between floors?

Based in the Lehigh Valley, Power Stair Lifts is the local home chair lift and stair glide expert. Contact us today for an in-home assessment within 48 hours and install your stair lift within one-week of the agreement. We offer high quality lifts, perform our own installations and offer warranties on our products: 

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Power Stair Lifts of the Lehigh Valley offers other home modifications, such as residential home power ramp and wheelchair vertical lifts. For those seeking outdoor or exterior access to the home, a residential Power Ramp or Vertical Lift is a Great option. 

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  • In-home assessment with 48 hours of calling
  • Installation within one week of agreement
  • Equipment Warranties
  • Maintenance Plans & Customer Service

A Power Stair Lift, also known as a chair lift, stair glide or stair climber, allows you to travel effortlessly up and down your stairs. A residential stair lift can provide you or your loved one safe and comfortable access to your entire home and is a more affordable option than having to move. Power Stair Lifts can accommodate any staircase including a straight rail stairlift or custom curved stair lift.